About SmallWorks®


When your work is creative, fun and delightful, it really isn't work!  


SmallWorks designs and manufactures play brick compatible cases with the goal of bringing a smile to your face whether you are 10 or 110.  All SmallWorks BrickCase™ products reflect the simple fun and delight everyone finds when building and playing with Kre-O®, Mega Bloks®, K'NEX and other play system building blocks. (you know who we mean.)

Everyone Plays with Bricks®!

The SmallWorks BrickCase is the brain child of a 12 year old play brick fan, who thought it would be fantastic to add play bricks to his hand-me-down iPhone.   Always ready to support clever children with great ideas, we worked out how to make an iPhone case with play brick compatible studs. It's harder than it looks! You can see some of the early development process at blog.smallworks.com.

Developed initially for the iPhone 4/4S, we have also developed a case for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4th gen, and iPad mini.  We quickly found that everyone loves a good play brick product, whether made by <redacted> or by their die hard legion of AFOL, TFOL or child fans.  MOCs (My Own Creations) with SmallWorks BrickCase products can be found across the web on Facebook, Pinterest, Flckr, Tumblr and a hundred other sites.

We are located in Austin, Texas, USA.  We manufacture our iPhone cases and packaging right here in Texas.  We manufacture the iPad mini case in China (it's a different process and requires magnets that we couldn't source in the USA.)

Our BrickCases are available worldwide in various retail locations and online outlets including Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  Please contact us if you would like to resell our family of SmallWorks BrickCase products.   

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Brick on!